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One step into our shop and you'll soon realize we're all business front to back. Blue Star's services range from routine maintenance, repairs, to full blown fabrication and customizations. Our friendly mechanics are center stage, and easily accessable to discuss your needs. For those quick routine maintenance stops, feel free to hang out on the couch and take in the full experience. From the smell of old bikes to the sights and sounds of the work being done, a visit to Blue Star Motorcycle Co. of Kansas City is a great way to escape the every day life on the job and feel like you're in the middle of a theme park full of monkey wrenches, grease, fumes...all great therapies for the soul of a rider.

Blue Star Motorcycle Repair Shop is just a wonderful place to take your bike for repair. These guys know what they are doing with all make and models of motorcycles. They're truly one of a kind. Thanks Guys!

Welcome to Blue Star Motorcycle Co.

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